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Marcelo Zambrano and Edgar Maya
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Digital Gap Reduction with Wireless Networks in Rural Areas of Tosagua town
Cesar Moreira-Zambrano, Walter Zambrano-Romero, Leonardo Chancay-García and Fabián Cuzme-Rodriguez
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Development of an industrial data server for Modbus TCP protocol
Violeta Maldonado, Silvana Gamboa, María Fernanda Trujillo Guerrero and Ana Rodas
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Industrial Communication based on MQTT and Modbus Communication applied in a Meteorological Network
Erwin Jairo Sacoto Cabrera, Sonia Palaguachi, Gabriel Alejandro León Paredes, Pablo Gallegos Segovia and Omar Gustavo Bravo Quezada
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REGME-IP Real Time Project
Mónica Zabala, Alejandra Oñate and David Cisneros
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Physical variables monitoring to contribute to landslide mitigation with IoT-based systems
Roberto Carlos Toapanta, Juan Chafla and Angel Toapanta
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e-Government and e-Participation

Open Data in Higher Education – A Systematic Literature Review
Ivonne Rodríguez-F, Gloria Arcos-Medina, Danilo Pástor, Alejandra Oñate and Omar S. Gómez
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Educational Software based on Augmented Reality: A Systematic Review of the Literature on Technology
Eduardo Joel de Atocha Sosa Jiménez, José Luis López Martínez, Omar Salvador Gómez Gómez and Raúl Antonio Aguilar Vera
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Online Learning and Mathematics in Times of Coronavirus: Systematization of Experiences on the Use of Zoom® for Virtual Education in an Educational Institution in Callao (Peru)
Roxana Zuñiga-Quispe, Yesbany Cacha-Nuñez, Milton Gonzales-Macavilca and Ivan Iraola-Real
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Washington Luna Encalada, Jonny Guaiña-Yungán and Patricio Moreno
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Washington Luna, Patricia Codovez, Patricio Moreno and Jonny Guaiña-Yungán
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Mathematical Self-Efficacy and Collaborative Learning Strategies in Engineering Career Aspirants
Ling Katterin Huaman Sarmiento, Ivan Iraola-Real, Claudia Mego Sanchez and Christina Andersson
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Methodology for Business Intelligence Solutions in Internet Banking Companies
Leonidas Asto Huaman, Alex Escalante Viteri and Javier Gamboa Cruzado
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Benchmark of Meta heuristic Bio Controllers for a ROLLING/BALL AND PLATE system
William Montalvo and Jairo Alvear
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Design and implementation of an autonomous vehicle to collect tennis balls using artificial vision
José Luis Tinajero, David Moreno Aviles, Edgar Salazar Alvarez and Caren Guerrero
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Economic assessment of hydroponic greenhouse automation: A case study of oat farming.
Flavio J Portero A, Jorge V Quimbiamba C, Angel G Hidalgo O and Ramiro S Vargas C
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Proportional fuzzy control of the height of a lubricant mixture.
Fátima Quishpe Estrada, Angel Silva Conde and Miguel Ángel Pérez Bayas
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Intelligent Systems

Analysis of Anthropometric Measurements Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve for Impaired Waist to Height Ratio Detection
Erika Severeyn, Alexandra La Cruz, Sara Wong and Gilberto Perpiñán
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Classification of Impaired Waist to Height Ratio Using Machine Leaning Technique
Alexandra La Cruz, Erika Severeyn, Sara Wong and Gilberto Perpiñán
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EEG-Based BCI emotion recognition using the Stock-Emotion Dataset
Edgar P. Torres P., Edgar Torres H., Myriam Hernández-Alvarez and Sang Guun Yoo
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Machine Vision

Creating shapefile files in ArcMap from KML file generated in My Maps
Graciela Flores and Cristian Gallardo
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Dynamic Simulation and Kinematic Control for Autonomous Driving in Automobile Robots
Bryan Stefano Guevara, Danny J Zea and Fernando Recalde
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Analysis of RGB images to identify local lesions in Rosa sp. cv. Brighton leaflets caused by Sphaerotheca pannosa in laboratory conditions
William Javier Cuervo-Bejarano and Jeisson Andres López-Espinosa
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A Blockchain-based Approach to Supporting Reinsurance Contracting
Julio C. Mendoza-Tello and Xavier Calderón-Hinojosa
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Guidelines and their challenges in implementing CSIRT in Ecuador
Fernando Vela
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Technology Trends

A Reference model based on agile values, principles and aspects of Scrum, XP and Kanban to foster the adoption of agility in industry
César Pardo, Wilson Ortega and Omar S. Gómez
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Mr. Scrum: A Reference Model to Foster and Facilitate the Adoption of Scrum in the Agile Software Development Companies
César Pardo, Omar S. Gómez, Hamilton Jojoa, Ricardo Zambrano and Wilson Ortega
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Industry 4.0 Tech for control COVID-19
Jessica Acevedo Flores, Carlos Neyra Rivera and John Morillo
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Proposal for a software development project management model for public institutions in Ecuador: Case study
José Antonio Quiña Mera, Luis Germán Correa Real, Ana Gabriela Jácome Orozco, Pablo Andrés Landeta and Cathy Pamela Guevara Vega
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Development of a linguistic conversion system from audio to hologram 
Michael Rivera, María Rodriguez and Gustavo Caiza
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Exploring learning in Near-Field Communication-based serious games in children diagnosed with ADHD: First insights
Diego Avila-Pesantez, Sandra Santillan Guadalupe, Nelly Padilla Padilla, Miriam Avila and Alberto Arellano Aucancela
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“Women are less Anxious in Systems Engineering”: A comparative Study in Two Engineering Careers
Ling Katterin Huaman Sarmiento, Claudia Mego Sanchez, Ivan Iraola-Real, Mawly Latisha Huaman Sarmiento and Héctor David Mego Sanchez
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Sorting algorithms and their execution times an empirical evaluation
Pizarro-Vasquez, Guillermo O., Mejia Morales Fabiola, Galvez Minervini Pierina, and Botto-Tobar, Miguel
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